Our Philosophy

At Fernleigh Free-Range, we are proud of the accreditations we hold. These signify the values we believe to be important in relation to the living conditions and welfare of  farm animals. Fernleigh Free-Range only uses pigs that are are accredited Free-Range and accredited rare breed. They are the ethical choice in meat.

We feel strongly that farm animals should be managed in a production system that allows them to freely exhibit all of their natural behaviours. This includes being:

  • free to graze pasture
  • free to experience sunshine, wind and rain
  • permitted free access to clean fresh water and good feed
  • free to express instinctive behaviours
  • free from pain, discomfort and disease
  • free from fear and distress
  • protected from predators
  • able to nurture their young
  • free from hormones, growth promotants and antibiotics

We also believe strongly in the need to conserve farm animal genetic diversity and so we choose to use only the rare and endangered breed – the Wessex Saddleback in all of our meat products.

Wessex Saddleback pigs are listed as an endangered breed by the Rare Breeds Trust of Australia and in 2011 were included on the international Slow Food Ark of Taste.