Why conserving biodiversity is important

Biodiversity underpins to food security, sustainable livelihoods, ecosystem resilience, coping strategies for climate change, adequate nutritional requirements, insurance for the future and the management of biological
processes needed for sustainable agricultural production. (FAO, 2011)

Did you know…

  • 15 species account for over 90% of global livestock production
  • 300 out of 6000 breeds (5%) have become extinct in past 15 years
  • 1350 breeds (>22%) currently face extinction
  • Currently losing 1-2 breeds every week.

Source: Animal Genetic Resources Group of FAO incorporating results from 153 countries

What can you do to help?

As a Consumer…

  1. Support small scale farmers
  2. Choose rare breed meat products accredited by the Rare Breeds Trust of Australia (RBTA)

As a Livestock Owner

  1. Choose a breed listed on the RBTA Rarity list.
  2. Only buy pure breeds from a reputable breeder who can provide you with a pedigree and registration papers to get you started (except chooks which don’t have a registration system)
  3. Become a champion for one breed only of any given species (It is really difficult logistically to manage more than one breed at a time)
  4. Identify and pedigree record all progeny
  5. Only keep the best animals for breeding with
  6. Register the stud progeny with the relevant breed society.